Property Maintenance Services in Southern NH

Our Maintenance Team

Pater Real Estate Management Co., Inc.’s skilled maintenance team is ready to provide owners and tenants with skilled and timely service. Through the use of our web-based property management software, our maintenance coordinator is able to track routine and emergency maintenance at individual units and properties. Our in-house maintenance team can handle small plumbing and electrical repairs, painting and cleaning, and carpentry projects.  Pater Real Estate’s maintenance department also manages contractor bids, selection and contracts, job coordination and site supervision for larger projects and renovations as well as routine contracted services.

Preventative Maintenance and Safety

Bathroom Mold Tip: Damp places, like bathrooms, can be hard to maintain completely mold free.  Increasing ventilation by opening a window or using a ceiling fan can help keep mold to a minimum.  When cleaning mold off hard surfaces, wear gloves and goggles and scrub with detergent and water then allow the surface to completely dry.

Ice Dam Cure: A period of cold weather following a heavy snowfall can lead to ice dams as the snow melts and refreezes on the roof.   To stop ice dams from forming, use a roof rake to remove as much of the snow from the roof as possible without damaging the shingles.

Don’t Run Out of Gas: When a propane tank runs out of gas, the pilot light will go out and a leak can occur when the system is recharged with propane.  Don’t allow your propane tank to run out of propane; an easy way to assure this is to set up auto-delivery with your propane provider.

Oil Tank Care: Don’t let your oil tank go below 1/4 full as the sludge at the bottom of the tank may clog the oil line and/or will cause your furnace to run inefficiently.

Higher-than-Normal Electrical Bill: There are a few reasons you might suddenly experience an increase in your electric bill.  The billing cycle can range from 28 to 33 days depending on the month and can include up to five weekends.  Seasonal items, like air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and hot air furnaces, can be the difference in your bill.  School vacations and holidays can show an increase in the bill with more activity and higher occupancy.

Carbon Monoxide Prevention: Never run a portable generator under windows or indoors, burn charcoal inside, leave a car running in the garage (even if the door is open).  Check carbon monoxide alarms monthly and replace batteries when low or according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Maintaining a Septic System:  Do not flush or put down the drain: grease, hair, wipes, or hazardous materials (gasoline, drain cleaners, pesticides, or anything that can kill the naturally occurring bacteria).  Limit the use of bleach.  Conserve water as too much water can overload the system.  Do not park or drive vehicles on the system as the weight can compact the soil and break the pipes.

Smoke Detectors: Be sure to change the batteries in all smoke detectors a minimum of once a year.

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